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Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?
We do!  To qualify for wholesale pricing, all orders must subtotal a minimum of $250. This minimum also applies to all reorders. 

When is payment due for my order?
For your security and protection, our software is unable to store payment information and your method of payment will be charged in full at point of sale. This includes payment for all items purchased, as well as shipping costs.

Can I edit my order before it ships?
Due to processing time, inventory counts, and to protect your order from errors, we cannot honor any change requests to orders once they have been submitted, even if they have not yet shipped. Please make sure to carefully review your order before submitting it. Please also take this into consideration if you plan to promote our items online before receiving your order.

Do you allow exchanges/returns on wholesale orders?
All wholesale orders are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


I purchased a "pre-ordered" item, what does that mean?
You purchased one of our newest items and it is not available to ship quite yet. Please visit our shipping page for information on shipping times for these items.

I purchased a "back-ordered" item, what does that mean?
The item you purchased is currently out-of-stock and we are awaiting another shipment. Please visit our shipping page for information on shipping times for these items.


When can I expect my items to ship?
Please visit our shipping page for details on shipping times.

Can I request a specific carrier be used when shipping my international order?
Because we have a partnership with UPS, all orders are shipped through this carrier.

Can I ship part of my order to a different address?
We can only ship to one address per order, so please consider placing multiple orders should you desire your items to ship to various locations.

Do you drop ship for any of your retail partners?
We do not offer drop shipping for any wholesale order.

How do I ship orders to each of my different boutique locations from the same account?
During checkout, you are given the option to either use an existing shipping address from your “Address Book” or to enter a new shipping address. If you choose to enter a new shipping address, that address will be added to your “Address Book”, making it easy to select a previously used shipping address on future orders.


Can I use your photos to promote the products on my website, social media sites in mailers, etc?
Absolutely! We just ask that you not alter our photos in any way, and that the Grace and Lace watermark remain visible for copyright purposes.

How can I best display your products in my store?
The majority of our line is best displayed at eye level - our boot socks, leg and arm warmers, and boot cuffs look adorable stacked or propped up in baskets, crates, or small bins on tabletops near your shoe/boot section. Most of these looks also come packaged on sturdy cardstock that includes a hanging option. Due to the delicate nature of our knits, we suggest displaying our clothing using sturdy wooden or plastic hangers (wire hangers or thin plastic hangers can cause pulling or damage to the items). We suggest folding our long sleeve cardigans like sweaters or displaying on mannequins.